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Drifters: Volume 3 is the third volume of the Drifters manga series created by Kouta Hirano. It was released on March 18th of 2013 in Japan by Shōnen Gahōsha, and in March 12th of 2014 in North America by Dark Horse Comics.


In an enchanted world, heroes plucked from Earth's history - "Drifters" - face off in battle to determine the future of this mystical calm in the face of the onslaught of the malefic Dark Lord and his own Earth warriors. Allied with the native elves, samurai warrior Shimazu Toyohisa forges a daring plan: form an alliance between elves and dwarves, the elves' generational enemies! From Hellsing creator Kohta Hirano, Drifters is an all-out fantasy slugfest of epic proportion!

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