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Shara (シャラ , Shara) is an elf, and the older brother of Mark, and Marsha, the two elves who first encounter the Drifter Shimazu Toyohisa. He takes up arms against the Orte Empire after Aram kills his father, and the Drifters rescue the village.


Shara has a very muscular figure that is most noticeable in his arms and chest. In addition to the characteristic elf ears, he has neck length blond hair and semi-bold eyebrows of the same color which contrast with his stone blue eyes. His overall face shape is quite round though his chin ends in a soft point.

In the beginning of the anime, Shara is shown wearing a beige and white short sleeve shirt that has triangular designs on the bottom of each sleeve which was paired with loose dark grey pants.


Shara initially seems like a strict man because he scolds his brothers for venturing out into the forest, and saving a Drifter. Really, he just cares about his people, and especially his family. After having his father killed, he tries to sacrifice himself to save the lives of his brothers, and the village. Despite what the Orte Empire has done to his village, he does not distrust all humans as he trusts the Drifters because they have saved his village, as well as the Octobrist.


After his younger brothers Mark and Marsha rescued Toyohisa Shimazu, bringing him to his fellow Drifters, Shara berated them of getting involved with them as the Orte Empire would have them killed for associating with them.

When Aram and his company of Orte soldiers arrived, the proceeded to ransack the elven village. He sent two riders after his brothers for their crimes who ran into the forest. When Aram claimed this was a breach in elvish surrender terms, Shara defiantly rebuked Orte's terms stating that the Orte Empire had made it near impossible for the elves to survive and now the are being severely punished for saving an morbid man from death.

In retaliation for his insolence Aram stabbed and killed Shara's father before his eyes and ordered his men to cull the elves. Shara begged him to stop offering his own life, but Aram sadistically denied his submission stating his punishment would be to continue to live as a slave and know that his brothers are dead in the forest.

Shara witnessed Toya running in the fields, slewing many of the soldiers under Aram's command in a few breaths. He was relieved to see his brother alive and was surprised that it was the Drifter that rescued them. When Toya turned to confront Aram, Shara doubted if the Drifter could defeat Aram who was a trained knight. He was proven wrong when Toya easily subdued the knight with his bare hands and brutally smashed his face with the sheath of one of his blades.

After Toya indicated they must take their revenge on the fallen knight for his abuse on their people, Shara participated with the survivors and speared Aram to death.


Mark and Marsha[]

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Mark and Marsha are Shara's younger brothers of whom he is very protective of. Anytime he scolds them, it is only in their best interest as he does not want to see anything bad happen to them. An example of this is seen when he scolded the two boys for going into the woods. Otherwise he seems to be a loving brother who only wants the best for them.


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