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Count Saint-Germi (サン・ジェルミ伯, San Jerumi-haku) is a powerful Orte nobleman and the oldest living Drifter.


Saint-Germi is a tall, blond androgynous man. He has sharp light blue eyes, his face is oval in shape with a pointy chin. His blonde hair is stylized in a very eccentric way with hair on the back of his head standing upward while on the sides it's flowing downward. On his right side his hair is pushed to the side and on his left side his hair covers his upper face. He also wears a heavy amount of makeup. He is much older than he looks.


Count Saint-Germi is a cunning and intelligent man with a cool head despite his occasional dramatic moments. He's someone who stands by the strongest and doesn't hesitate to sell Orte to the other Drifters knowing that sooner or later the empire will fall, despite his major role in building it.

He doesn't have a true loyalty and is very prone to betrayal, but he can acknowledge others, as implied by how he compliments Adolf Hitler in building Orte and his reaction when he found that the delirious old man who was with the Drifters is actually Hannibal.

He also has a great knowledge on who both Drifters and Ends are, most likely because he comes from a later time than the others, plus he also knows who Murasaki is.


Saint-Germi appears in the Capital.


Adolf Hitler[]

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Saint-Germi was the first member of the aristocracy to ally with Adolf Hitler during the founding stages of the Empire, an act that would later earn him the right to behave as he pleases without any criticism from his peers.

Grigori Rasputin[]

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Rasputin and Saint-Germi seem to have a history with each other, viewing one another as a rival in political power.


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Shimazu Toyohisa[]

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Oda Nobunaga[]

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