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Sacred Band of Thebes (テーバイ神聖隊, Tēbai Shinseitai) is a Greek squad of troops made up entirely of pairs of male lovers.


Most of them have different appearances. However, everybody has the same white gloves with the same pants and same boots.


Most of them have different personalities. However, they are not acquainted with modern weaponry.


They appear during an attack from the Ends in Verlina, being the personal army of Saint Germi but Nobunaga and Yoichi notice they all are holding the hands of each other. When Toyohisa makes a military scream, the sacred band make a standing at attention performance, to which Toyohisa says that they are good soldiers. During the war, the Sacred Band of Thebes was under Nobunaga's command where he receives the Tanegashima, a weapon they don't know how to use. When an army of goblins are approaching, Nobunaga tells them to point the guns to the enemies. When Nobunaga says to open fire, they immediately fire the Tanegashima, to which they all became scared of how this weapon had easily decimated the enemy force.



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They were recruited by Saint-Germi and are considered to be his elite force.

Oda Nobunaga[]

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They were put under the command of Nobunaga during the invasion of the Ends in Verlina and since then, they are very loyal to him.


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