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Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (プブリウス・コルネリウス・スキピオ・アフリカヌス, Puburiusu Koruneriusu Sukipio Afurikanusu) was Hannibal's Roman nemesis during the Second Punic War. He is believed to have died around 183 BC. As a Drifter, he seems somewhat younger than Hannibal, who he is seen constantly arguing with, claiming that "a winner takes all" since he won at Zama. Nevertheless, Scipio respects Hannibal greatly; saying he is worth a million men, because though a million men would not budge Rome, Hannibal nearly tore it down.


Scipio appears as a man who seems to have been aged for a while, he has short sand-colored/blonde hair and he always wears his traditional Roman attire. He bears a surprisingly muscular build for his age.


Scipio was an honorable man who does things fairly. He never backs away from a challenge and can tell when he is being made light of, even if it is spoken to him in an entirely different language. Despite his many quarrels with Hannibal Barca, he still respects him and serves as his friend.


it seems that Scipio's role is sort of like a friend or adviser to Hannibal Barca because of Hannibal's age. He seems to also have a strong bond of respect with Hannibal.


Hannibal Barca[]

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Despite their rivalry, both hold each other in high respect and are capable of working together in order to win battles in the new world. Barca even gets worried for Scipio when they get separated for a time.

Naoshi Kanno[]

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