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Olminu (オルミーヌ, Orumīnu) is one of several magicians enrolled in The Oct, an anti-Ends organization. Her codename is Shem.


Olminu is a relatively young, athletic looking woman who wears the standard Octobrist uniform and spectacles. She has long hair which is styled into two tails thanks to her ribbons, and a noticeably large bust.

The few colored illustrations of Olminu have all used different colorations. On one Young King Ours cover she had blonde hair and her uniform had teal accents; on another she was given silvery-white hair and her uniform had sky blue accents. In the promotional video that was included with Volume 10 of Hellsing, she had silvery-blue hair, and her uniform had pink and magenta accents. The anime announcement art gave her white hair and teal accents on her uniform, (a combination of the YKO cover illustrations). The inconsistencies of her design are not limited to the colored artwork. In some chapters, Hirano gave her a six-point star on the patch on her uniform sleeve, whereas in others it becomes a five-point star. On the YKO cover illustrations, and in the promotional video, her uniform is one piece with two seams going vertically down, dividing the front. In the manga chapters, however, her uniform consists of a long-sleeve shirt with a horizontal yoke seam, shorts, and a belt, with the same tie and other decorations.


Olminu appears to be rather skittish and serious, as well as very informative regarding the Drifters and Ends. She is quite cooperative and willing to work with others in battle, and can keep a surprisingly cool head in battle as evidenced by their encounter with Joan of Arc. Mysteriously, she keeps blushing heavily whenever people ruin her name by adding the word "boob" to it. It's hinted that she has feelings towards Toyohisa, since he is the only one who treats her as a woman, he never calls her name disrespectfully too. He once even thanked her, for saving his life which once again, made her feel embarrassed.


Olminu possesses some degree of sorcery, capable of casting stone walls to aid in Abe no Seimei's plans.



Abe no Seimei[]

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Olminu is a subordinate of Abe no Seimei, and has great respect for the man to the point of venturing into dangerous situations on his orders.

Shimazu Toyohisa[]

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Olminu seems to have a fairly cooperative relationship with Shimazu Toyohisa, to the extent that they have no problems with working together in battle. It is hinted that she may have a crush on him due to the fact he treated her like a woman. Other than that however, they don't seem to interact much.

Oda Nobunaga[]

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Olminu has a rather antagonistic relationship with Oda Nobunaga, often arguing with or being sexually harassed by him. This largely stems from his consistent mispronunciations of her name (often having to do with her breasts, example: Olminipples/Olminoobs/Boobieinu).


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