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Nizel Brigante (ナイゼル・ブリガンテ, Naizeru Burigante?) is the first seated business secretary of the Brigante Bank and supreme supervisor of the United Gu-Binnen's Marines.


Nizel has long black hair and hazel eyes. He wears a long white tunic with a white turban.


Nizel has a serious personality. He seems to always have a straight face and cogitation but he's also ambitious.


He appears with Banzelmassin Shylock VIII when they reunite with Tamon Yamaguchi, asking if he is enjoying the rice he made for him and congratulating him for having destroyed an entire Orte navy, putting the entire sea under the dominance of Gu-Binnen. Nizel asks why he didn't agree on giving him the Hiryu but Tamon responds with silence. After Tamon has left the room, Nizel says to Shylock that they must confiscate the Hiryu since it is a treasure from another world.


Banjermashin Shylock VIII[]

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Tamon Yamaguchi[]

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I hope this suits your taste. It's ordered from the west and resembles your "Kome". We'll send for a western ship filled with this plant that fills your bowl.
You accomplished our goal so quick to obtain "our ocean". Orte's fleet is totally wiped out. There's no one who could obstruct our domination of the seas.
It's uneconomic to manage control of all those continental beggars. It bears no profit.
He still hasn't agreed on handing over the "Hiryuu", did he?
How often do I have to repeat it, Shylock? We must confiscate the "Hiryuu". It's a treasure from another world.