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Murasaki (むらさき, Murasaki) is a supporting character from the manga Drifters, created by Kouta Hirano.

A bespectacled man who constantly wears a suit with a calm demeanor, he is apparently the one responsible for the appearance of the Drifters, using them as a means to right the wrongs of the Ends' conquest of the magical world and also supported the Drifters to change the societies of the magical world they currently live in. He is often seen sitting in the middle of the door corridor, whilst smoking and reading a newspaper that gives news of the events relating to the Drifters. In the corridor, he is associated with and accompanied by light.


A blond man with a slicked hairstyle, Murasaki looks like someone in their 30s. However, his actual age remains unknown. He has a physical build of someone in their 30s, and has prominent blue eyes. His origins, species and age are currently unknown. He is one of the most mysterious characters alongside Easy and the Black King.

His usual attire includes a beige sweater, light blue colored shirt with a red tie. He wears a pair of brown, coffee colored dress pants along with a pair of brown shoes. Like an average salaryman, he wears rectangle-framed glasses. He also appears to be quite fond of coffee and cigars.


Responsible for the creation of the Drifters, Murasaki, much like a busy man, is quite calm and cool. He is a man of few words and rarely shows emotions towards others, giving them a cold expression. He also appears to play some kind of a game of "chess" with Easy, but Murasaki's teams are the Drifters, and Easy's are the Ends, and the only time he does smile, is when he was reading a newspaper that said that the Drifters had apparently successfully defended the Orte Empire from the Ends.


Murasaki is first seen in a seemingly endless corridor, where Shimazu Toyohisa was brought. He took off the sign "lunch break" and asked "next." Toyohisa didn't understand what was going on and started asking where he was and to be returned to Satsuma. Murasaki then wrote something on Toyohisa's file and he was then sucked into a black door and brought to a different world.



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