Name Murasaki
Kanji 紫(むらさき)
Romanji Murasaki
Gender Male
Affiliations Drifters
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Mitsuru Miyamoto (Japanese)
David Wald (English)
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Murasaki is a bespectacled man who constantly wears a suit with a calm demeanor. He is apparently the one responsible for the appearance of the Drifters, using them as a means to right the wrongs of the Ends' conquest of the magical world and also supported the Drifters to change the societies of the magical world they currently live in. He is often seen sitting in the middle of the door corridor, whilst smoking and reading a newspaper that gives news of the events relating to the Drifters. In the corridor, he is associated with and accompanied by light.


Murasaki has the appearance of a blond white man with blue eyes. He is always seen in formal wear usually sporting a sweater, collared shirt, and a tie.



Murasaki is first seen in a seemingly endless corridor, where Shimazu Toyohisa was brought. He took off the sign "lunch break" and asked "next". Toyohisa didn't understand what was going on and started asking where he is and to be returned to Satsuma. Murasaki then wrote something on Toyohisa's file and he was then sucked into a black door and brought to a different world.