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Marsha (マーシャ, Māsha) is one of three elf brothers. He along with Mark encountered the wounded Toyohisa and brought him to the other Drifters.




Mark along with Marsha encountered the wounded Toyohisa, who was just transported to their world. Seeing him not having ears and the language he spoke, they understood that he was a Drifter. They decided to bring him to the Castle Ruins, where other Drifters resides, even through they had troubles carrying him, due to his weight.

Upon getting close to the ruins, Yoichi standing on a tree behind them told them to stop in their language. He warned them that if they get close to the castle, turn around or cry, he will kill them. They tried to explain that they found an dying drifter and they brought him here, but Yoichi told them to speak louder and slower in order to understand them or he will kill them. Upon seeing the drifter, Yoichi told them to leave him there and leave. While leaving the brothers commented that they don't understand how drifters think and that if someone found out they were in the forest and found a drifters, they will be killed.


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