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Lt. Kanno Naoshi (菅野直, Kanno Naoshi), also known as Sugano Nao in the Dark Horse Comics translation of Drifters, is a Japanese fighter pilot who was brought in from the Second World War to fight against the Black King as a Drifter.


Naoshi kanno

Kanno in real life.

Kanno's n1k

Kanno's plane


During his introduction, he was shown be vulgar and stubborn, punching the console of his plane when it began to stall. After witnessing Dragon Riders raze the city of Carneades and a group of civilians, he flies into a rage, clearly traumatized by his memories of the firebombing of Tokyo, which he was shot-down trying to prevent by American bomber escorts. He apparently has a dislike of Americans, British, Italians and those connected to the Japanese government who sacrificed his people to fight the enemy, a sentiment clearly left over from his experience in World War II.


During a battle with the Black King, with the Drifters' side under attack by dragons, Kanno is transported into the world in his plane. Confused and disoriented, He decides to attack the dragons when their attacks on Carneades reminded him of the US bombing of Tokyo. Afterwards, Naoshi met a tribe of anthropomorphic dogs and was soon worshiped as a sky god, due to his plane, which is relatively intact but useless due to the lack of fuel and ammunition.

Scipio, a fellow Drifter, soon meets him after being separated from the other Drifters, unable to understand each other due to the language barrier. It was when Scipio mentions "Rome" when Naoshi Kanno remembers that Rome is a part of Italy, which was Japan's ally along with Germany. Kanno initially welcomes Scipio believing he was an Italian himself, until he remembered that in 1944, Italy declared war on Germany after an uprising in leadership. Soon, both he and Scipio started fighting each other again.

Kanno welcomes Butch with joy because he believes he is Bolivian. Later on, he receives a letter from Butch, but to his surprise, the writer was Tamon Yamaguchi. After reading the message, Kanno burst out laughing because the legendary admiral was alive. After arriving on Hiryuu, he became shocked to see him in person so he decided to have a sumo wrestling match with him while asking and answering some questions. Kanno was defeated, and then expressed his sadness about the destruction of the imperial Japanese navy.

While visiting the inside of Hiryuu, Tamon shows him the armory which makes Kanno happy to see but he decided to wear armor from one of the anthropomorphic dogs. Later, Kanno is laughing at the anthropomorphic dog wearing imperial Japanese army uniform and a rifle, to which Kanno refers to him as Norakuro.



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Tamon Yamaguchi[]

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Shimazu Toyohisa[]

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Both meet on the battlefield, when Toyohisa says that there is nothing they can do and it was his time to die, which Kanno responded by kicking in his head, starting a fight. Later, both escape from the battle by a dragon, to which they fight to decide who will pilot him. In the en, Kanno won. After that, they are inside of Hiryuu but start another brawl because Toyohisa called him a bastard. After that, Tamon forced both of them to study in class.

Hijikata Toshizō[]

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Both meet on the battlefield, to his surprise when Kanno presents himself as the air squad 301 "Shinsegumi" captain. When asking about what he knows of Shinsegumi, Kanno talks about how important they are, even saying that it was just like something out of a book or movie from Shimozawa Kan.


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