Kanno Naoshi
Naoshi Kanno
Name Kanno Naoshi
Kanji 菅野直
Romanji Kanno Naoshi
Status Alive
Age 23
Gender Male
Origin Japan
Affiliations Drifters
Manga Debut Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 3
Voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Japanese)
Justin Cook (English)
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Lt. Kanno Naoshi, also known as Sugano Nao in the Dark Horse Comics translation of Drifters, is a Japanese fighter pilot who was brought in from the Second World War to fight against the Black King as a Drifter.


Naoshi kanno

Kanno in real life.

Kanno's n1k

Kanno's plane


During his introduction, he was shown be vulgar and stubborn, punching the console of his plane when it began to stall. After witnessing Dragon Riders raze a city and a group of civilians, he flies into a rage, clearly traumatized by his memories of the firebombing of Tokyo, which he was shot-down trying to prevent by American bomber escorts. He apparently has a dislike of Americans, British, and Italians, a sentiment clearly left over from his experience in World War II.


During a battle with the Black King, with the Drifters' side under attack by dragons, Kanno is transported into the world in his plane. Confused and disoriented, He decides to attack the dragons when their attacks reminded him of the US bombing of Tokyo. Afterwards, Naoshi met a tribe of dogs and was soon worshipped as a sky god, due to his plane, which is relatively intact but useless due to the lack of fuel and ammunition.

Scipio, a fellow Drifter, soon meets him after being separated from the other Drifters, unable to understand each other due to the language barrier. It was when Scipio mentions "Rome" when Naoshi Kanno remembers that Rome is a part of Italy, which was Japan's ally along with Germany. Kanno initially welcomes Scipio believing he was an Italian himself, until he remembered that in 1944, Italy declared war on Germany after an uprising in leadership. Soon, both he and Scipio started fighting each other again.


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