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Ii Naomasa (井伊 直政, Ii Naomasa) was a general under Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces.

Historically, his death in 1602 was widely blamed on the wound he had received from the Battle of Sekigahara 2 years before.




Naomasa was first seen persuading the Shimazu forces as the were about to retreat, and telling his men that if they let them return to Satsuma, it will be disgrace for them and Tokugawa. Eventually he faced Shimazu Toyohisa, who stayed behind to allow his uncle to escape and clashed swords with him. Naomasa's men quickly tried to protect him and surrounded Naosama aiming their spears at Toyohisa. To the surprise of Naosama, Toyohisa jumped forward and ended pierced by multiple spears. Naomasa though he was a fool, but Toyohisa told him that he is the fool and then took out his gun and shot Naomasa near the heart. Naomasa's men quickly took him and retreated, while Toyohisa was telling him to leave his head behind.


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