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Hannibal Barca (ハンニバル・バルカ, Han'nibaru Baruka) was a famous Carthaginian military commander, who died in either 183 or 181 BC. Historically, he committed suicide by poison at an old age either for not being able to complete his conquests or to avoid capture.

Now a Drifter and elderly man, he is seen arguing with Scipio Africanus over the latter's "plagiarism" of Cannae at the Battle of Zama. They were enemies opposite each other in the Second Punic War. After nearly being killed by the Black King's army, Hannibal insists that victory is still possible.


Now an elderly man, Hannibal has a long white beard and hair with a small portion of cloth acting as an eyepatch for his left eye.


Although he seems senile at first glance, Hannibal is actually a very intelligent strategist with a calm personality.


Hannibal acts as an advisor to Nobunaga and often provides aid through seemingly nonsensical mannerisms that Oda is quick to interpret as incredible strategies.


Scipio Africanus[]

Despite their rivalry, both hold each other in high respect and are capable of working together in order to win battles in the new world.

Oda Nobunaga[]

From time to time, he often becomes Nobunaga's military adviser, where, despite entering a state of dementia following Scipio's disappearance, Nobunaga would interpret Hannibal's ideas as they are conveyed through body motions.


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