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The United Merchant Guild's Gu-Binnen is a country in the Drifters world.


500 miles away from Orte lies an oversea archipelago the merchants assembling nation. Seven great guilds rule over this oversea nation.


Gu-Binnen has entered in war againt the Orte Empire. Although they have been decimated on land, Gu-Binnen have destroyed the entire Orte navy putting most of the sea under they dominion thanks to the strategies of the admiral Tamon Yamaguchi. After many years of war, both side decide to make a peace negotiations. Despite still in war, they made a ceased fire between Orte and Gu-Binnen for time because both side know that the Ends will destroy both. The negotiation included giving the foods to the Orte's capital Verlina, and Orte give to them the gunpowder (they also tried to have some female elves since they are very popular in Gu-Binnen).

Known residents[]