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Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, called "the Mad Monk," was a Russian mystic rumored to have the ability to heal people. He earned the loyalty of Tsarina Alexandra after healing Alexei, her son with Tsar Nicholas II. With time his influence on Russian politics grew, and so did resentment towards both him and the Tsar. Rasputin was assassinated by a group of Russian nobles led by Felix Yusupov on December 30th 1916. His death is quite famous; apparently he survived being poisoned twice, shot, thrown in an icy river, and only died during his cremation.

His assassination, however, could not stop the collapse of the Russian Empire. The Tsarina, Tsar, Alexei, and Alexei's older sister Anastasia were all executed by the Bolsheviks on July 17th 1918.


Notably, unlike his real-life counterpart, Rasputin has no beard. He wears rounded glasses, and a large beret. He also wears a large red and white, and purple and white checkered scarf attached to a large collar around his neck. Beneath that he wears black robes, with purple and white cuffs, and a purple and white edge to his robes. His gloves are white, and his shoes are purple. Historically, Rasputin died at the age of 47, while in Drifters he has the appearance of a much more youthful man.



Rasputin appears to be very calm and almost never loses his cool and his smile, with very few exceptions. He's absolutely loyal to the Black King and works as his right hand man, showing great ability in it. He's also very manipulative towards others, as shown by his ability to control others as he pleases.

Despite being and End, Rasputin seems to dislike fighting himself, although he has no problem using others for it. It's also worth noticing that so far Rasputin is the only End with a non-fighting ability, further implying his dislike for it.


He has the ability to control individuals from great distances, this does however require a magical circle and concentration from Rasputin.


Anastasia Romanova[]

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Anastasia is an old acquaintance of Rasputin. They both aim to ensure that the Black King achieves his goal, and in fact Anastasia is almost never seen without Rasputin by her side. She seems to be able to speak her mind freely with him.

Black King[]

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Hijikata Toshizo[]

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Rasputin and Hijikata both serve as the Black King's battle strategists and seem to trust one another, with Rasputin seeming to trust him as much as he does Anastasia.


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Rasputin and Saint-Germi seem to have a history with each other, viewing one another as a rival in political power.


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