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Gilles de Rais (ジル・ド・レ, Jiru do Re) was a former French nobleman who was once one of Joan of Arc`s companions-in-arms during the Hundred Years War, but was later executed for multiple cases of murder, sodomy, and heresy; all of which he did so he could purposely be condemned so he could reunite with Joan. He apparently continues to accompany Joan to battle even in death.


Gilles de Rais is a gargantuan man with a muscular physique, long blond hair, and an intimidating posture. He wears dark pants and light armored covering that is loose enough to show his figure and markings on his body. Gilles wears a forearm covering on his left arm and wields a cross-shaped spear with intricate markings and chains from the shackles work on his neck and wrists.


After disappearing from history and abducted by Easy, Gilles de Rais became one of the Ends and a close companion of his former commander, Joan of Arc. During the battle at the fortress stronghold, Gilles took part in a fight to the death with the Drifters and nearly dominated their forces  through sheer strength and tenacity. He eventually was killed after his battle with Yoichi due to taking heavy damage from the Wild Bunch's weaponry. Gilles de Rais' body crumbled to salt before saying his final good bye to his commander, lamenting the fact she was no longer the person she once was and vowing to wait in Hell to see her again.


After his supposed death, Gilles de Rais gained considerable superhuman attributes during his rebirth as an End. He possesses superhuman strength, durability, and endurance, being able to slice through trees and stone walls with little effort and taking shrugging off damage to several his vital body regions. He has considerable tolerance or an immunity to physical pain, as he took several arrows to his vital regions and to his own eyes without showing any strain. He also possesses considerable spear combative prowess and sufficient control over his chains to bind and strangle opponents.


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