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Serious Bomber (本気ボンバー, Honki bonbā) is the 9th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


Gadolka begins with the culmination of the effort spent on black powder and ends with a paradigm shift in the warfare of the new world. The full extent of the Dwarves suffering reveals itself, and a new cog is added to the war machine.


Saint-Germi heads towards the elves with Alesta and Flame. They comment that Gadolka is likely the next target, as they will try freeing the dwarves, but as its Orte's armory its heavy guarded, but if they succeed, Orte will be indeed be done.

At Gadolka, the soldiers send a new wagon with weapons and armors and comment they have been told to make the dwarves increase production. Nobunaga having made the black powder, had created bombs and starts an attack on Gadolka. As the elves throw bombs, the soldiers start to panic seeing all the explosions. They start to cause even more panic as themselves yell pretending to be soldiers and telling everyone to run. The castle gates open and fully armored troops come and Toyohisa tells the elves to run. Olminu then surrounds them with stone walls and Toyohisa tells the elves to throw the bombs inside, obliterating their heavy infantry. They close the gates and Nobunaga wonders how would they enter. He then wonders why they took Hannibal with them, but Hannibal makes stairs signal with his arms, making Nobunaga realize something. He then quickly calls Olminu and instructs her and Yoichi on what they need to do. Yoichi then shoots arrows with Olminu's talismans at the wall and as they activate it creates a stone staircase on the wall. Nobunaga is impressed by the sphere he can use to communicate with Olminu and believes how useful instant messages can be in a war as the magicians probably haven't though of that.

Toyohisa and the elves enter the castle, but most of the soldiers hide behind a smaller gate. Elves then propose they go and free the dwarves and explains the tales of how strong and rude they are. They go to the dwarves and see how badly they were treated. The dwarves ask them to be freed and they will fight with them, no matter if they are elves, but the elves explains its the Drifters that had freed them and are freeing them. Toyohisa then comes and seeing their empty bowls, propose they first sit and eat. Nobunaga is shocked to learn that Toyohisa started eating in front of the enemy eyes and even slaughtering horses and eating them. Nobunaga informs Olminu to make rice porridge, and use lots of water, as food doesn't digest well after starvation and can lead to death.

Toyohisa goes to the soldiers and tells them that the dwarves are eating right now and if they drop their weapons, they will be allowed to leave, but if they haven't do so, when the dwarves are done, they will kill them. The soldiers decide to give up and as they open the gates, Toyohisa tells them their commander needs to commit suicide, but as he refuses, he cuts his head, telling him he isn't fit for a lord. Yoichi was preparing to chase the soldiers, as he is used to such orders, but Toyohisa tells Yoichi to not persuade them and no one is to order him anymore, as this is their battle.

Octorbrist is observing the Black King and see one of the six great dragons, Bronze Dragon, being there. They are then shocked to see the monsters farming. They comment that Abe was right and the Black King is different from the other Ends, as his intentions are not just destroying the world, but becoming the monsters saviour and replacing the humans.



The name of the episode is based on a song by Berryz Kobo.