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Mystery Call Me (不思議CAll ME, Fushigi Call Me) is the 8th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


With the dust settling throughout the battlefield, Toyohisa declares that he acts based on his own rules. Far from the battlefield, the axis powers of World War II reunite, and proceed to fall apart. Elves liberated, next up...the Dwarves.


Minamoto no Yoshitsune tells Yoichi that he is slacking and calls him stupid for engaging in one on one combat. He mocks him for thinking he became a true warrior during the Genpei war as tells him to remember what exactly he did then. Yoichi realizes that Yoshitsune is also in this world and tells him he will no longer follow his orders. Yoshitsune then leaves, telling Yoichi they will meet again and it will be more fun next time.

As Abe no Haruakira reveals his name, Nobunaga asks if he means Abe no Seimei and Abe confirms. Toyohisa comes and Nobunaga tells him that's Seimei, but Toyohisa doesn't know who that is. Abe reveals he was also send here by a strange man and had realized his task is to stop Ends. Toyohisa explains that he left the woman in the well, but as they check she was gone and Abe wonders why didn't he kill her as she was End. Toyohisa tells him he doesn't care about his rules and has no intention on taking a woman's head. He tells him they won't be pawns to the strange man, and that they are humans and will follow their own principles. Olminu asks who is the old man and Abe tells her its Hannibal, but he is stuck in dementia state. There was another man Scipio, Hannibal's rival and he was clearminded while he was with them, but on their way, they were attacked several times by Black King's troops, Scipio fell from the carriage and they couldn't go look for him.

Scipio walks through the forest and complains that he wants to be back in Rome and take a bath. He ends up finding Kanno Naoshi's plane and beastmen surround him. Naoshi then arrives carried like a king by the beastmen and seeing Scipio he starts yelling at him if he is american and that he will beat him. Scipio wonders who that evil-looking barbarian is, but as he can't understand what language he talks, he thinks he must be from some undeveloped country, but he still must have heard about the Roman Empire. Scipio then just says Rome and Naoshi connects it to Italy and that they are in pact during the World War II. He accepts it, but then remembers that Italy turned against them and then attacks Scipio and beats him.

Looking at the empty cartridges, Sundance explains how they work and Nobunaga gets super interested in the gatling gun, but Abe explains that they researched gunpowder, but no blacksmith of current age could produce them. Nobunaga tells him that they are already making black powder, which leaves them surprised. Nobunaga explains they are still waiting for sulfur he asked Olminu about and in that moment Semu comes bringing the sulfur Olminu asked. Nobunaga then comments the next thing is the "dwarves". Abe starts to consider Nobunaga dangerous as Drifters act on their own believes and don't have common goal like the Ends. He believes that the one who founded Orte was a Drifter, who intended to save the starving masses, but as a result endless war erupted. Abe asks Nobunaga what he plans and he explains they will be freeing the dwarves next and little by little they will liberate the tribes under Orte's control. They will form an alliance with the countries fighting Orte and will end up overtaking Orte from inside. After that they will unite the tribes and create a multi-racial federation, where each race has the right to self-govern, but Toyohisa will have the military power and be Commander in Chief. Abe wonders why Nobunaga won't be the king, but Nobunaga explains he isn't cut for that and while he believed he can control people with profit and fear, he ended up realizing the hearts of men don't work like that. When he was betrayed, he ended up thinking it was his son, but later learned that he was loyal and died for him. Toyohisa doesn't care about gain or loss, fear or intimidation, but as he is a fool, he needs assistant like Nobunaga.

Toyohisa goes to Hannibal and asks him if he is really senile. As Hannibal talks about Carthage and invading Rome, Toyohisa charges at him with his sword, but Hannibal points a stick at his eye, asking if its another Roman attack. Looking at his eyes, Toyohisa comments that he is indeed senile, but his eyes aren't dead yet. He tells Olminu to take care of Hannibal, as he has the same eyes as his uncle.

Later Toyohisa annonuces to the elves, that they will be freeing the dwarves and the elves are against it. Shara explains that they are not getting along with the dwarves and that the dwarves didn't help them when Orte attacked them. Toyohisa tells them that they are no forced to come and only true soldiers should join him. As Toyohisa heads alone, Nobunaga is annoyed that he is ruining everything. Shara explains that his village will be going as he saved their lives. He believes that if the dwarves and elves had united, they could have fought off Orte and to not be enslaved and doesn't want to repeat the mistake of their previous generation. Abe asks Toyohisa if he want to change the world like Nobunaga, but Toyohisa tells him he wants heads and a Satsuma warrior only cares for charging forward. Surprised, Abe explains that they need to return to headquarters and also look for Scipio, but he should take Olminu with him. The elves then come out to join Toyohisa, and Butch hands Nobunaga a gun and comments he is leaving the gatling gun to him, as without bullets its useless to them.



The name of the episode is based on the OP song of the anime Star Musketeer Bismark.