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Chaos Diver ( カオスダイバー, Kaosudaibā) is the 7th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


As Toyohisa and Joan clash in the moonlight, the strings of fate that tie the Drifters together start to converge, and the strength of their alliance is revealed. As the dust settles, the identity of the leader of the Octobrists is unveiled.


Joan of Arc and Gilles de Rais find and attack the elves. She calls for the Drifters and as they arrive, she decides to take on Toyohisa while tells Gilles to take on Yoichi. Joan starts burning everything and Olminu comes and creates walls to protect Toyohisa. He then takes her and retreats, thanking he for saving his life. He comments that Joan has frightening power, but his intuition tells him she is a rookie as it seems she is boosting that she has power and wants to be noticed for it. As Olminu states she can create two more walls, Toyohisa asks her to do as he says and then escape in the forest.

Gilles and Yoichi keep fighting with Gilles demonstrating his raw strength, but Yoichi manages to dodge all of his attacks. He keeps hitting him with arrows, hitting several vital spots, but Gilles still stands. Gilles states that his journey haven't finished, thus he isn't finished, which reminds Yoichi of Benkei. Meanwhile Minamoto no Yoshitsune observes the battle and also gets excited. At the same time, Nobunaga tells the elves how easy is to defeat the scary cavalry in a forest and as he orders, the elves easily kill cavalry.

Joan burns the forest trying to find Toyohisa, but he appears behind her. She cuts his left and right path, telling him he won't escape, but Toyohisa tells her he doesn't plan to. Olminu creates a wall behind him and he steps on him, biting his sword. Olminu then creates a second wall on the first wall and launches Toyohisa straight ahead towards Joan, kicking her and sending her straight into a well, while commenting he was waiting for her to stand close to it. As Joan fells into the well, seeing the water she remembers how much she sought it desperately, while she was being burned alive for being a "witch". While she was burning, Easy appeared and asked her to come with her. Inside the well, Toyohisa realizes Joan is a woman and wonders why is she wearing and armor and fighting and that its not a feat taking a woman's head. He tells her to leave and act as a woman, but she gets angry and explains she fought for France, but he knocks her, commenting she doesn't know France and now he must take Gilles head as he won't be able to face his father if he doesn't take a single good head.

Yoichi manages to shoot Gilles in the eye, but as he still isn't dying, he manages to catch him and starts choking him with his chains. Nobunaga immediately calls the elves to start shooting at him, but even being hit multiple times from behind, Gilles doesn't stop. Abe arrives with The Wild Bunch asking Gilles if he hates the world. Gilles releases Yoichi and turns towards Abe. Butch and Sundance then starts shooting him with the gattling gun, blowing multiple holes in him and cutting him in half. Having one arm and body from the waist up, Gilles crawls and gets his weapon. He sees Joan being rescued and recalls how he decided to sin enough so that he can join Joan in hell. He ended up finding her in this world, but she no longer was the "Maiden" and will surely go to hell, so he will go there first and wait for her. Gilles then turns to salt and disappears. Abe then tells Nobunaga that he hates Ends and he is Olminu's master. Nobunaga realizes he is Drifter and asks him for his name and Abe tells him its Abe no Haruakira.



The name of the episode is based on a song by the japanese rock band, The Back Horn.