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Men of Destiny is the 6th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


As the Elves tear apart the magistrate’s castle, a new player with unknown allegiances looms. Meanwhile, Oda starts work on creating the final nail in Orte’s coffin and bringing about a change that will shatter the foundations of this world.


Nobunaga tells the elves to search the castle for all kinds of documents. Olminu comes and is surprised they managed to take the castle. Nobunaga points at a large portrait of Adolf Hitler and wonders who he is and Olminu explains he is the father of Orte, the one that founded it, but they still don't know if he is Drifters or Ends. Sixty years ago he appeared and instigated people to rise against government. With his speeches, he caught the people's hearts and initiated a rebellion, but after founding Orte, he committed suicide. Nobunaga then gets informed that Toyohisa dragged the soldiers out and plans to kill them. Nobunaga rushes to him, commenting that given how beautiful the males were, it was obvious what they were doing to the females. He doesn't want Toyohisa to do that, as its his job. Before Toyohisa can give the order to kill them, Nobunaga hits him from behind and knocks him and then orders the elves to kill the soldiers. The elves shot everyone except one man, who kept telling them that he never touched the women and was just transferred there.

The female elves were brought back to their villages, but brought news of what happened. Nobunaga wrote letters to each village, asking them if they want their freedom and proves that Orte has reached its limit, causing elves villages to revolt and break away from Orte's subjugation. Easy sees news of the Black King victory, but then sees the Drifters had freed the elves and gets angry.

Saint-Germi, a powerful aristocrat who owns a quarter of the Orte Empire, hears the news of how they are loosing territory and realizes the country is done for. Saint-Germi visits the leaders of Orte and informs them that their naval fleet that carries supplies for their army in the west has been destroyed. The merchant guild of Gu Binnen, led by Yamaguchi Tamon, had destroyed their naval army. Saint-Germi then comments about the elves, but the leaders don't take it seriously, making Saint-Germi realize the country is indeed done for. Saint-Germi then decides to leave and meet up with the elves and the Drifters.

Elves from other village meet up with Shara, wanting to join them. Nobunaga is angry that Toyohisa decided on a village head council system, as otherwise he could have gradually risen to power and become a king. Toyohisa tells him he doesn't understand strategies, but while Nobunaga can discern what they are thinking, he cannot read their hearts. Toyohisa knows that the elves will follow him and he can become a king, but he is sure that one day, they will turn their bows against them. Nobunaga also states that he doesn't want to be betrayed anymore, but he still intends to make Toyohisa a king.

Shara tells Nobunaga that their blacksmiths can't replicate the rifles, but guesses the Dwarves could. Yoichi prepares to train some elves, who comment that when he is serious he has a dreadful beauty, but Yoichi overhears it and explains that he is the youngest of eleven brothes of the Nasu Clan, yet he is the ugliest one. Toyohisa shows his sword skills, telling them to put all their strength in one slash, as they wonder what to do if they miss, he tells them to die without hesitation. he later tells the rest he can't teach the elves swordsmanship, and Yoichi comments they are really good archers. The group then feels some eerie feeling of something coming. Joan of Arc and Gilles de Rais are then seen approaching.



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