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Bring Back Love (愛をとりもどせ, Ai o Torimodosu) is the 5th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


As the lord's suppression force marches into the seemingly abandoned Elven village, a trap laid by the Drifters waits to be sprung. As a result of the clash, the lack of Elven women in the village is explained, and the flames of vengeance ignited.


The soldiers can't find anyone in the village and the commander is called and informed that the well is full of shit and the soil underneath the toilets was dug up and its gone.

At the abandoned castle, Toyohisa says that they will kill everyone tonight. The elves seems more fixated at making bows and don't want the armor and swords. Toyohisa had cut the soldiers heads and buried them, but Nobunaga throws the bodies in a pit with grass, soil, feces and urine, in order to make saltpeter. Nobunaga asks Olminu if she can find sulfur and she confirms, but it will cost him money. Nobunaga tells her, he will pay when they take five or six states.

Yoichi is impressed on how fast they learn to shoot well with the bow and Shara comments they are natural born archers. Hearing that, Yoichi starts shooting the center of the target repeatedly, splitting the previous arrow each time, to show that he is still better than them. They start calling him the best and asks him to stop wasting arrows.

Toyohisa announce the will be attacking the village this night and then march towards the lords castle and kill him. Nobunaga is surprised, but Toyohisa tells him that he was told why there were no women in the village. As the elves reproduce only once a year, during that time the women are taken by the lord and his men. Nobunaga realizes this is attempt to drive them to extinction. Toyohisa inspires the elves and they attack the village. While he goes upclose and fights the soldiers, Nobunaga leads a small group that lights up the village. As they kill soldiers, Nobunaga comments that since Orte is at war, this must be third-rate soldiers and killing 10 to 20% will make 30 to 40% run in fear. As the arrows are coated in shit, the soldiers want to wash their wounds to not catch tetanus, but the well is contaminated and they realize this was planned from the beginning and the village was a trap. Toyohisa then moves between the whole army and kills the commander, making the rest of the army run in fear. The elves starts celebrating that they won, but Toyohisa tells them they still need to take the castle. Nobunaga realizes Toyohisa doesn't have a plan, but tells him he has one and dresses everyone as the Orte soldiers. Elsewhere, the escaping soldiers fall into traps and the remaining are shot down by Yoichi and his group.

The lord is informed of the troops return and they let them inside the castle. As the lord comes, they reveal themselves and Toyohisa asks for where the women are and the lord points at the tower. The lord wonders about his soldiers, but Nobunaga tells him most are dead and Yoichi is hunting the rest. While heading towards the tower, Toyohisa tells them its disgrace to kill those that had give up the sword, but reaching the room with the women and seeing what they were doing with them, he gets angry, and says he was wrong and is gonna kill them all.



The name of the episode is based on the first opening theme song of the 1980's anime First of the North Star.