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Active Heart (アクティブハート, Akutibuhāto) is the 4th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


The Black King is dealing with the aftermath of the conquest of Carneades. Simultaneously, on the other side of the empire, the Drifters are preparing for backlash and starting to grow their own ambitions.


Easy visits Murasaki telling him no matter how many Drifters he sends, her Ends would win and he should just admit defeat, but then sees Murasaki had left for a lunch break.

Toyohisa and the rest tie up Olminu and she again explains about Drifters, Ends and her organization mission. Yoichi wonders of they are Drifters or Ends and Olminu guesses they are not Ends as Ends are inhuman and don't understand jokes, and just nourish a deep loathing towards the world. As they only seek slaughter of mankind, Olminu asks them for help. Nobunaga asks what troops they have, but she explains they usually call for military support from kings and lords and assign Drifters to command them. Nobunaga tells her thats stupid and no lord would give full authority of their troops. Olminu wonders what they need to do and Nobunaga states they just need to take control over the state with Toyohisa as their leader. Olminu considers it as it has some appeal, considering how much more threatening Ends advancement is with the Black King.

Grigori Rasputin reports to Black King that they have completely overtaken Carneades. As he reports for the casualties, the Black King tells him to bring him all the injured ones as he will save them since they are his brethren. He goes and starts healing the injuries and tells Rasputin to tell everyone that the Northen Wall had fallen and those that didn't believe it or feared the humans, will now join their ranks. The Black King reveals he wanted to save the humans, but as they rejected him, he will now save demihumans and destroy the humans. He tells the Ends they need to go after the Drifters and kill them, as they are their only enemy.

Kanno Naoshi's plane breaks and he makes a rough landing. Beastmen appear and he gets excited for a fight. Meanwhile, the elves discuss what they need to do as they had killed a knight and they will be executed for that. Yoichi badly speaks their language telling them that they have a choice and fight with them, but as the elves can't understand him, Toyohisa turns to Olminu and asks her how can she speak their language. Olminu reveals that Abe had made charms that grants them instant fluency in the language and hearing that Yoichi starts crying with Nobunaga asking Olminu to apologize to him as it was really hard for him to learn that language.

Nobunaga asks Olminu to tell him about the elves and she explains that decades ago the humans attacked, defeated and subjugated them. She tells him they have long life and are proud, hearing that Nobunaga starts laughing saying this is enough information and then instructs Toyohisa on what to tell them. Toyohisa tells them that they are disgrace to their forefathers and if they want freedom or live and die in regret. As they tell him they want their freedom, he tells them they will fight and get in back. Looking at Toyohisa, Nobunaga is reminded of his own son, but Toyohisa tells him that he isn't his son, who is long dead. Nobunaga gets sad and turns around, and Toyohisa thinks he may have been too harsh as he should be in the same age as his father, but Nobunaga then turns and mocks him that he isn't his father. They start fighting, but Shara stops them saying that the human army may be coming. Nobunaga tells him that they are coming for sure and will be there in three days and this village will cease to exist. Share asks them for their help as they don't know how to fight. Nobunaga and the others are shocked to learn how old the elves are and Olminu explains that Orte Empire subjugated them, along with the Dwarfs and the Hobbits states, but Orte is currently battling on all fronts. Nobunaga comments that Orte will want to show dominance and wonders what Toyohisa will do, who tells them they will let them in.

Orte's army of 200 approaches the village, but find the village completely empty.



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