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Army of Ours: Sortie at Dawn (俺軍 暁の出撃, Ore Gun Akatsuki no Shutsugeki) is the 3rd episode of Drifters TV anime series.


The Black King’s army is marching on the Northern Wall of Carneades while the Octobrists attempt to convince Carneades' defenders to hand over control of the defensive force to Hannibal and Scipio. This will be the "Ends” debut on the battlefield.


Abe no Haruakira is worried that the Black King is coming, but the Carneades warriors try to assure him they are fine, as they have never managed to breach their wall. Looking at the, Abe realizes they won't even last two days and decides to go and see the situation with Kafeto, in hopes that the two old drifters would lead the army and save the country.

They try to convince the Carneades to let Scipio and Hannibal lead, but the Carneades starts mocking the drifters and refuse. As Hannibal can't control his bladder, they become even bigger laughing stock. Seeing that, Scipio gets angry and starts to explain how fearsome Hannibal Barca was, but Abe stops them and tells them to prepare to escape as this place is done and they need to escape before the Black King army attacks. But as they feel magic disturbance, Abe realizes the Black King is already here.

Leading a large army, he tells his troops to attack. The Black King turns to Hijikata Toshizo, Joan of Arc and Anastasia Romanova and tells them they can attack too. He tells Minamoto no Yoshitsune that he can do what he wants, but he tells him that's how he lives his live and intends to continue. The Black King asks him if he is on Drifters or Ends side and Yoshitsune tells him whichever interests him.

As the Black Kings army continues the attack, a door opens in the sky and a World War II Japanese airplane comes out piloted by Kanno Naoshi. Naoshi wonders where is he and why there are people flying on dragons. Toshizo, Joan and Anastasia easily break the walls and starts killing soldiers. Seeing all the destruction of the city, Naoshi is reminded of bombings in Japan and gets angry.

Abe takes Scipio and Hannibal to Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, but before escaping, he asks if they will lead their army if they stand a chance against the Black King. Hannibal says the chances aren't zero and Abe comments that if they unite with the samurais, then there is hope. As they escape, Butch and Sundance gun down all the enemies they see. Seeing the gattling gun, Hannibal wants to borrow it to take down Rome. They eventually face a dragon, but Naoshi comes and shoots it with his plane, and then proceeds into shooting down other dragons. Seeing that Abe gets happy that he is a Drifter and not Ends. While they escape Carneades, Abe comments he won't let the Black King do as he pleases and will fix his mess back at carneades the Black King sent's his bird to locate the drifter's that have escaped carneades and tell his ends and army that the drifter's blood must be spilled.

Elsewhere, Olminu having lost contact with Abe, wonders what she should do. Yoichi and Nobunaga jump in front of her and Toyohisa appears behind her, commenting they knew someone was watching them. Olminu panics and fears she will be killed as the "leave your head here" ghost came, who gets annoyed for calling him that and knocks her. As they wonder if she is a spy, Nobunaga tells Toyohisa that she spoke Japanese and he instantly turns to her and asks her to explain everything to him or he will give her to Nobunaga. Scared, Olminu explains that she is magician working for Octobrist Organization, and was just observing them under the orders of her grand master. Toyohisa can't understand what she means and she explains that people like them are transported in this world and her organization mission is to monitor them and bring them together. She explains that they are brought in this world to fight against people called Ends, but the three of them don't believe her and don't care.



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