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Footsteps (踵 鳴る, Kakato Naru) is the 2nd episode of Drifters TV anime series.


As Orte sets the Elven village ablaze in the distance, Nobunaga and Yoichi are dragged into action by Toyohisa's fearless forward charge. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the march of the Black King is about to Commence.


Kafeto informs Abe no Haruakira that he is observing two older drifters that are engaged in a fight. Hannibal and Scipio are arguing and fighting with each other with Hannibal blaming Scipio for copying his strategy and calling him a thief. Abe no Haruakira tells Kafeto to stop them.

Shara scolds Mark and Marsha for getting to the abandoned castle as its dangerous to get themselves involved with the drifters. Aram leads an army towards the elves village.

At the abandoned castle, Toyohisa and Nobunaga wake up smelling battle. Nobunaga sees fire and explains that's the elves village and they are likely under bandits attack. He explains that the elves brought Toyohisa to them and Toyohisa instantly starts running towards the village, explaining that he doesn't know where he is, but the only thing left for him is to charge forward. Nobunaga and Yoichi decide to follow him. Toyohisa mocks Nobunaga that he is slow, but Nobunaga explains that he is 50. Yoichi asks Toyohisa how old he is and Toyohisa reveals he is 30, making Yoichi smug as he is only 19. They see Mark and Marsha being chased by soldiers and Nobunaga shoots the one with the horse, while Toyohisa passes the elves and slays two of the soldiers. The third wonders if he is a drifter from the abandoned castle, but as its a language that Toyohisa doesn't understand, he tells him that if he doesn't speak Japanese, he must die and then kills the soldier. Toyohisa turns to the elves and tells them that as they saved his life, he saved theirs now. Nobunaga then mocks him that they don't speak Japanese and thus he must kill them and Toyohisa quickly teaches them to say "help" in Japanese.

Nobunaga sees the soldiers and realize they aren't some bandits. He then expresses desire they to claim the village. Abe no Haruakira overhears it and is surprised he said "claim" and "not help" or "take back", but comments that's their nature and ability, wanting to conquer the land.

At the village, Aram lines up the elves and tells them they saved a Drifter. He reminds them its forbidden for them to enter the forest, making bows and associate with the Drifters. Shara complains that they need to enter the forest to get firewood and to hunt, and as they took their women, he thinks they are basically telling them to die. Aram confirms they need to die, along with the other demihumans like dwarves and hobbits and then kills the village leader. They start killing elves, with Aram explaining they are allowed to kill 50% of them. Aram then receives news that there is a fire in the wheat field.

Nobunaga and Yoichi set the fields on fire and he explains that those without dignity can live if they have food. And those without food can endure their hunger if they have dignity. But those loosing both will desperately cling to anything. Toyohisa then charges and starts killing soldiers. He faces Aram and tells him to leave his head. Mark and Marsha come and explain that Toyohisa saved their lives. Seeing the dead elves, Toyohisa gets angry and tells him that he doesn't need his head, but only his life. Toyohisa then throws his katana at Aram, who blocks it, but in that moment Toyohisa shortens the distance and grabs Arama and takes him to the ground. Toyohisa then takes his katana sheath and starts smashing Aram's head with it and barely leaves him alive. Toyohisa then gives the elves a sword and tells them to kill Aram and avenge their beloved. Initially they refuse, but eventually agree and they pick up weapons and kill Aram. Meanwhile, Yoichi had killed the fleeting solders and Nobunaga tells Toyohisa to sit on a crate with Nobunaga and Yoichi standing next to him.

Murasaki reads on the newspaper about the Drifters taking the village. Easy comes and tells him that no matter how much he struggles and send Drifter, she is still going to win. Murasaki tells her to go away and that the wrongs must be righted and he won't let her have her way. He gets annoyed and shows him that the Black King starts his Northen invasion and explains that his Drifters can't defeat her Ends.

Olminu tells Abe no Haruakira that the Drifters had seized the village and wants to take them back, but Abe tells her to not come as its dangerous as the invasion of the ends begun.



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