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The Outlandish Knight (The Outlandish Knight, The Outlandish Knight) is the 15th episode of Drifters TV anime series. It was released as limited edition with the manga's 6th volume.



Having agreed to a peace, Banzelmassin Shylock VIII tells Saint-Germi they will decide on the interest. He sees Nobunaga and others at the door and wonders who are they and Saint-Germi explains that they are Drifters. Nobunaga steps in explaining that everything will end if they lose, but that's why they are there and will take care of everything, but they need food and money. Banzelmassin proposes another deal and explains that there are many wealthy people in Gu-Binnen and would like to take some elves, inicially Nobunaga refuses to sell them, but hearing his idea of turning them into idol group and they sell merchandise, he starts to like it. Saint-Germi still refuses, but starts to imagine male host club with the elves and Yoichi and easily sees himself getting used to it.

At the North, the Catmen are willing to join the Wolfmen and fight against Orte, but can't accept Kanno Naoshi as their leader. As he wakes up, he uses some cat tricks to make them obey him. The Wild Bunch inform Scipio that the Black King had started moving south as they had obliterated all the northern kingdoms. They give a letter to Naoshi, who sees its from Yamaguchi Tamon and reads that he was informed by Octobrist for a japanese speaking pilot and explains where he is located. After reading it, Naoshi starts to laugh, commenting that "Tamon, the Assassin" is still alive.

The Ends prepare to march, Akechi Mitsuhide is give centaur cavalry and tells Hijikata Toshizo, Grigori Rasputin and Anastasia Romanova roles. Joan of Arc wants to burn all Drifters, but the Black King tells her she will only set herself ablaze and instructs her to wait. The army heads towards the nearby kingdom and completely obliterates it.

Naoshi is taken to meet Tamon and upon seeing him, he challenges him to a sumo bout. As he introduces, Tamon explains he haven't heard of him as he lived a bit longer. He wonders if they won or lost and Naoshi explains that their whole fleet was destroyed. Tamon shows him the inside of the aircraft carrier ship Hiryuu, but most of the planes are damaged and they are almost with no fuel and missiles. He explains they still have manned torpedoes and then wonders who the man in roman clothes is and Scipio introduces himself. Tamon is shocked to learn that's Scipio from the Second Punic War, but Naoshi tells him he haven't heard of him. Tamon then shows them the armory and that they still have rifles and explains to Scipio that those are weapons from 2000 years from this time. Scipio then requests Tamon to tell him everything that happened in those 2000 years and military ideas and tactics. Tamon explains he is only a sailor and knows the ocean, so his information won't be full, but Scipio is fine with that.



The name of the episode is based on a variant of the ballad Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight.