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Bring on a War (BRING ON A WAR, BRING ON A WAR) is the 14th episode of Drifters TV anime series. It was released directly to DVD/BD along with Episode 13.



500 miles away from Orte, in Gu-Binnen merchant guilds, Banzelmassin Shylock VIII, Naizel Brigante and Yamaguchi Tamon have a meeting. They comment that thanks to Tamon, they navy had increased its strength and had taken control over the sea, defeating Orte. Banzelmassin intends to send Orte peace proposal, thinking they have no choice to accept it and even if they continue their war against other countries, that still benefits Gu-Binnen as they can sell them goods. Tamon congratulates them and comments that they are a true merchant nation and decides to return to his ship, refusing their offer to get a house there. As he leaves, Banzelmassin comments that he still doesn't trust them and Neiselle tells him they need to confiscate his ship as its treasure from another world, but Banzelmassin doesn't want to anger Tamon.

Toyohisa shows his broken katana to the dwarves, but as the inspect it, they find it's strange and don't think they can fix it. Toyohisa comments he was told they were formidable blacksmiths, but guess that's incorrect. Hearing that the dwarves get triggered and tell him they can fix it. Nobunaga wonders how to deal with the third and fourth Orte amry in the west and forms a plan, asking Saint-Germi to write a letter and Yoichi to do something for him.

The third army general Jigmente receive letter from Saint-Germi, informing them that Black King's monster army attacked by his army pushed them back. But the capital took a lot of damage and Orte's leader had been annihilated, therefore he asks the third or the fourth army general to "Nation's Father" position and take control of Orte to restore order. Hearing that the envoy now headed towards the fourth army, Jigmente realizes that if they reach the capital first, he will take over. Fourth army general Lemek, hears about that and heads back towards the capital, but his path is blocked by soldiers from third army, who open fire and kill Lemek and his men. Jigmente leads his men towards the capital, but is ambushed by Yoichi, who kills him and causes his men to run. Nobunaga plans the third and fourth army to kill each other and hope the Western Tribes to attack and finish them and he to form a peace with them. But Saint-Germi explains that it won't be easy as hate accumulated for those 50 years. Nobunaga then suggest the western tribes learn that the third and fourth army are exhausted and lost their general and manages to convince Saint-Germi to do it.

Toyohisa, Olminu and Hannibal are taking a break and Toyohisa explains its because he can't understand all the plots Nobunaga and Saint-Germi are making. He believes Nobunaga is probably even smarter than his father or uncle and believes he was given a second chance, so he plans on dying in glorious manner. Olminu and Hannibal disagree, with Hannibal explaining that Nobunaga had proven he is dangerous and leaders always have demon in their hearts. As Nobunaga was leader in his previous life, Yoichi and Toyohisa serve as his shackles, and if one breaks, his demon and Black King will turn the world in a field of carnage. Toyohisa and Olminu then are shocked and wonder if Hannibal came to his senses, but Hannibal starts speaking nonsense again. Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid visit Tamon and bring Abe no Haruakira, who introduces himself to Tamon.

Saint-Germi receives news that Gu-Binnen had come to negotiate peace, but is surprised to find that its Banzelmassin. They try to say they can invade Orte, but Saint-Germi explains they lie as they neither have a ground army or know how to occupy land territory. He knows their only option is for a peace and what kind of merchants they are. Saint-Germi shows them a musket and explains it helped them win against the Black King and unify the dwarves and elves. He offers them the weapons and Banzelmassin wonder if they can replicate it themselves, but Saint-Germi explains that its made from dwarves and elven skills and even if they got those, they still need gunpowder. Banzelmassin agrees they continue the negotiation with them providing food and capital.



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