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Rewrite (リライト, Riraito) is the 13th episode of Drifters TV anime series. It was released directly to DVD/BD along with Episode 14.



Saint-Germi comments that 30% of the capital is burned and ends up in an argument with Nobunaga as it was supposed to be a simple coup and not have that much destruction, but Nobunaga tells him its because of the Black King. Meanwhile, Shara and Yoichi stitch up Toyohisa, with Yoichi wondering what kind of life Toyohisa had, considering he is constantly being bruised. Saint-Germi wonders what are they going to do now and Nobunaga comments that the other empire troops won't just give in as they didn't take over bloodlessly. He believes the troops will choose their leader and probably self-rule, but he is good at destroying the feudal rule.

Doug and an Octobrist manage to obtain some guard equipment and decide to scout the Northen Walls. Inside they are surprised to find its like a normal capital and the monsters are trading. They see the Bronze Dragon being mined and his metal melted and turned into currency. They see slave trade and other slaves butchered for meat. As they are surprised that the enemy had advanced that fast, Minamoto no Yoshitsune finds them. Doug attempts to cut him, but Yoshitsune easily kills him. The Octobrist member tells him that he had seen everything about them, but Yoshitsune explains he still needs to see what is beyond the wall, where monsters of all kind had gathered to join them and its no longer just Kobolds and Goblins. The Black King then comes and tells Abe no Haruakira to reveal himself and stop hiding in his disciple shadow. Abe then appears and tells the Black King he is no saviour if he abandons the mankind. The Black King tells him that the humans are too smart and the Drifters had brought weapons, but even without them, the humans would have developed them eventually and wonders how many millions will die because of them. The next thing they bring may be something that can destroy a whole city and that's why he doesn't want them as the humans can destroy all lives. Abe tells him that the monsters would eventually also develop those as he is teaching them technology, but the Black King tells him that technology advancement stopped during the Dark Ages and he intends to bring the Dark Ages here. Before leaving, Abe tells the Black King that they will stop him.

Yoichi helps Toyohisa eat and tells him not to die as everyone, Nobunaga, the elves, the dwarves, will collapse if he isn't around. Nobunaga wants to gather all the money they have and tries to convince Saint-Germi to had over all of his fortune and valuable things and that this is investment that he will profit later. Nobunaga asks Saint-Germi for a favor and if he can arrange peace with Gu-Binnen, but they first need to deal with the rest of Orte's army. As they make plans, Saint-Germi comments that the Wolfmen and Catmen had become more aggressive and wonders if its because of the Black King. The Wolfmen and Catmen are then seen led by Kanno Naoshi and engaging in battle with Orte's army. The Wild Bunch had managed to find Scipio and seeing Naoshi, they wonder if all Japanese are such idiots. Hearing that Scipio wonders if there are more like him and complains that Naoshi kicked him when he told him he was from Rome. Naoshi asks them from where they are and if they are Americans or British, he will kick them. Hearing that, Butch and Sundance say they are from Bolivia and haven't heard of America. Seeing that Scipio is okay, they decide to leave and tell him that Abe wants him to stay and help there more.

The nobles of Orte had gathered and Nobunaga puts a plan to scare them a little. As he is introduced, Toyohisa arrives in bandages looking for food and scares everyone.



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