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Staring at Shinsengumi: The Song of the Fervid Kyushu Man (みつめて☆新選組~熱血九州男児の唄~, Mitsumete ☆ shinsengumi ~nekketsu Kyūshū danji no uta~) is the 12th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


As Toyohisa and Hijikata dance a deadly duet in the inferno of a capital, Nobunaga slowly moves to turn the tide. As the ashes settle on the city, a Pyrrhic victory is achieved with the line between victory and defeat not being so clear cut.


Toyohisa and the dwarves push forward and slaughter the enemy troops. Nobunaga instructs Yoichi to keep firing and break their rear. Toshizo tells the infantry to pull back and rearguards to spread out and split into smaller groups. Yoichi observes this and informs Nobunaga that they are burning the houses and obscuring their vision. Nobunaga then guesses that the enemy leader knows about firearms as they are adapting too fast. Toshizo finds Toyohisa and introduces himself as Hijikata Toshizo from the Shinsengumi, commenting that he will never forget the Shimazu Clan. Toyohisa realizes he is from different era than him and wonders what his descendants had done to him. Toshizo gets angry and releases his power.

Nobunaga wonders what they must do and Hannibal comes and tells him they need to do berry smashing and throws some berries and starts smashing them, explaining they taste better if he smashes them all together. Nobunaga then calls Yoichi and asks him if the enemy is randomly setting up the fires. As Yoichi observes, he realizes they are moving in a pattern that heads towards the capital building and Nobunaga realizes they still haven't given up on taking the country.

Toshizo uses his power creating smoke Shinsengumi members and attacking Toyohisa. Toyohisa then jumps in a building and comes out from a different window closing the distance to Toshizo. But as Toshizo steps back and is about to use his power again, Toyohisa jumps into another window and as he comes out he throws plates at Toshizo, which angers him even more for not fighting like a warrior, but Toyohisa explains this is a war and there is no justification for taking an enemy head. Toshizo engages him and manages to break his katana and the attacks him with his power, inflicting several cuts on Toyohisa. He tells Toyohisa that he underestimated him, but Toyohisa says the otherwise and that he never underestimated him.

Meanwhile, Nobunaga calls for everyone to gather and forms a plan. They let the enemy enter the capital building and then set it all on fire and close the doors with Olminu's magic, not letting them out and killing anyone who attempts. Seeing that, Toyohisa explains that Yoichi and Nobunaga consider him leader, but he never though of himself like that, but knew that if he buys enough time, Nobunaga will figure something out and turn the tide. Toyohisa is sure that even if he dies now, Nobunaga will turn that into foundation of success. Toshizo gets angry commenting that Shimazu attitude brought death to them. The dwarves then get behind Toyohisa and he orders them to fire. As they do, some of the shrapnel's cut Toyohisa, but they manages to disperse Toshizo's smoke, making him realize Toyohisa is the biggest fool he had seen. Toyohisa then jumps and attacks Toshizo in fist fight. The Black King tells Toshizo its a good moment to withdraw as its his victory, but if he continue there is no victory ahead. As they continue to fight, the Black King orders him to withdraw and send a dragon knight to take him. Toyohisa calls him to come down and fight, so he can take his head and that he finally was able to fight another samurai, but Toshizo follows the orders and leaves. As he leaves, Toyohisa comments he is defeated, but victorious and collapses.

Rasputing apologizes for letting the army dies, but the Black King tells him they didn't die in vain as they obtained great outcome of this probing assault and also crippled Orte. The last man send by Easy, reveals to be Akechi Mitsuhide, who after hearing Nobunaga's voice, realizes why they weren't able to find his remains and decides to join the Black King, so that he can kill Nobunaga.



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