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The Adventure of the Pistol Daimyo: Bullet Counting Song (ピストル大名の冒険~火縄丸数え歌~, Pisutoru daimyō no bōken ~hinawa maru kazoeuta~) is the 11th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


The coup begins yet right from the start there is an unexpected wrench thrown into the plans. The roar of muskets now rips across the new world, and the Drifters find their places leading armies.


Arriving at Orte capital, Verlina, a soldier stops Saint-Germi carriage asking who he is, but Alesta explains and threatens him to send him to the front line for stopping Saint-Germi's carriage. Earlier, Saint-Germi asks the Drifters about their names. He recognizes Toyohisa from the battle of Sekigahara, Yoichi from the Genpei war and comment that he is famous, and then tells Nobunaga he is super famous. But as they don't know Hannibal's name, they just call him "raspberry man". Nobunaga realizes that Saint-Germi came from a later time than them, and Saint-Germi asks Toyohisa if he wants to know what happened, but Toyohisa tells him he already knows and that if his uncle returned, they would later crush Tokugawa, making Saint-Germi wonder how can he predict such things.

Having called the Orte leaders, Saint-Germi informs them that they are shutting down Orte. He had lent them the country 50 years ago, but now he is taking it back and will be turning a new leaf with Toyohisa as leader. Having arranged this with some of the men, they agree with Saint-Germi, but two of them disagree, revealing to be controlled by Rasputin. Having entered the capital with Saint-Germi's carriage, Toyohisa and the rest arrive at the meeting, where Rasputin tells them that they have let their troops inside the capital. But as the soldiers enter the room, Toyohisa quickly cuts them down. Rasputin realizes this is the leader Toyohisa, but as he attempts to talk to him, Toyohisa completely ignores him and heads and starts beating his puppet. Nobunaga realizes how humiliating this is, as Rasputin was just about to goat like a puppet master, but instead was ignored and his puppet crushed. Nobunaga thanks Rasputin and Toyohisa comments they never intended to take a country peacefully and will kill anyone standing in their way. Nobunaga explains that Rasputin intended to take the country peacefully, but thanks to them, they can act like they came to save the country from the Ends. Rasputin explains the situation to Toshizo, who tells him to leave everything to him and he will take Orte. The Black King tells them that if they think Orte isn't obtainable, they can change their plan and crush it by causing maximum destruction and chaos.

Nobunaga and Saint-Germi then start to argue, as Saint-Germi said he only brought 500 soldiers as it was intended for a normal coup and not a war. Seeing them all muscular, but topless and holding hands, Saint-Germi explains they are his Sacred band of Thebes, and Hannibal repeats it in latin. But as he talk other nonsense, he again asks Nobunaga who that man is and Nobunaga mentions his name was Hannibal, making Saint-Germi realize who he is, but comments how scary old age is. They give Saint-Germi's men muskets and Toyohisa explains that Nobunaga will lead them, while he leads the dwarves and Yoichi the elves. Nobunaga guesses that the enemy had probably changed their plan and will now kill and destroy anything they see, which is also their original goal.

As the battle starts, Nobunaga orders his men to shoot, making the enemy experience firearms for the first time. As they gun down the front line, the rest realize they can't just go ahead anymore and Toyohisa then charges with his men. Toshizo is seen elsewhere, looking at the battle and getting angry for seeing a Shimazu.



The name of the episode is based on a arcade game called Pistol Daimyo no Bōken by Namco.