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Baba Yetu is the 10th episode of Drifters TV anime series.


After freeing the Dwarves, the Drifters’ plans continue getting derailed as unexpected guests show up. Meanwhile, far to the north, the Black King’s plan continues to unfurl as the Ends regroup and recover in preparation to strike back.


The Bronze Dragon speaks with the Black King and is annoyed that the Black King had tamed the winged dragons and is using them as pets. As he treatens the Black King, he uses his healing power causing cancerous cells to appear all over the Bronze Dragon body and force him to accept joining them. The Black King then goes and uses his power to replicates some crops. Toshizo wonders why he is teaching the beasts to farm, while he can just replicate food, but the Black King explains he is not a god and doesn't have eternal life. He turns to Grigori Rasputin, who explain that he is ready and had created their own writing system and symbol for their religion.

At the castle controlling the elven colonies, Mills is informed that a strange carriage is coming. As he sees its Saint-Germi, he quickly tells the elven boys to hide. Saint-Germi and his men are annoyed that there are no male elves and want to meet them along with the Drifters, but Mills explain that they have went to free the Dwarves in order they to make them firearms. Saint-Germi then wonders about black powder, but Mills confirms they are already producing it. Hearing that, Saint-Germi realizes that Orte is finished.

After non-stop eating, the Dwarves had restored their muscle bodies and want to see the musket Nobunaga spoke of. Although they aren't sure what it is, looking at it, they consider it would be easy to replicate. The Dwarves and Yoichi wonder why would they need it, while they have bows, but Toyohisa explain the roar of the musket is a battle cry and that its easier to teach a peasant to kill soldier with it.

At the Northern Walls, Joan of Arc wakes up only to be met by an annoyed Anastasia who had been assigned to watch over her until she awakened. After being informed of where she is, Joan demands to know where Gilles de Rais is; and Anastasia unashamedly tells her he is dead. Joan wants to go and avenge him along with her loss, swearing to kill the Drifters for sure this time, but a further annoyed Anastasia prevents her. She then promptly chastises and berates the infuriated Joan, telling her it was her own recklessness and underestimating of enemies that led to her loss and defeat before informing Joan that she has been ordered to recover and await further orders from the Black King before taking her leave. Now alone, the even more furious Joan rages to herself over being ordered by her rival and swearing to kill Toyohisa for humiliating her. Rasputin and Anastasia discuss Toyohisa; the former expressing doubt over the samurai sparring Joan simply because she is a woman while the latter reasons that he merely went easy on Joan. Anastasia expresses that she believes Toyohisa held back at the last moment, because he wants to face Joan again despite the threat she poses with Rasputin remarking it shows Toyohisa is not to be underestimated. Anastasia then expresses disgust at the idea of how their country lost to samurai decedents in her time. To lighten the mood, Rasputin jokingly says that Joan's defeat upset Anastasia; this jest annoys the grand duchess who (not being the mood for any humor and insulted at the idea of caring for her rival in some way when they hate each other) turns and takes her leave. Meanwhile, the Bronze Dragon was being tied down and cut, asking the Black King to stop, but the Black King tells him that if he can't walk with them, he is just meat. A part falls from Black King, but he tells the kobold that saw it to not talk about it.

Easy sends another person, annoyed at Murasaki, and commenting that he doesn't stand a chance against her. Minamoto no Yoshitsune finds the man and wonders if he is Ends or Drifters.

The Dwarves tells Nobunaga that the blacksmiths that made the musket are skilled, but they are no match for them and gives him the first musket, saying that now that they have done it once, next ones will be faster. Nobunaga wonders how many they can make and the dwarves comment that if they aren't starving and would need time to get used, but if they work at full force, they can make 7 to 8 and later to 10 per day.

Elsewhere, the dwarves show Toyohisa what they are capable as soldiers. Alesta and Flame then come surprised they already made alliance with the dwarves too. Saint-Germi is surprised that they have already made a musket. Olminu comes and informs them that Saint-Germi is here, but then sees him and asks him if he is a Drifter or End, and he tells her he is Drifter, as obviously no End like him can exist. She wonders why they made Orte, but Saint-Germi tells her that Orte was great empire and Adolf Hitler was a drifter too, who created great system and government. Nobunaga realizes that Saint-Germi knows a lot about them, and Saint-Germi tells them he is there to see if its worth joining forces with them. Alesta attacks Toyohisa, commenting that in 30 years, he would be his type, but then sees Hannibal and completely softens up as he is his type. Flame gets angry for "doing" this to Alesta and comments that unless a boy with ponytail and bands over one eye appears, they can't get him the same way, but then Yoichi appears and Flame suffers the same fate as Alesta. Moments later, Saint-Germi tells Nobunaga that his expert men are evaluating Toyohisa, but then they come beaten up by Toyohisa. Seeing that Saint-Germi explains that he is a traitor and is there to sell Orte.


Kai ver.[]

The limited edition of the 13th & 14th episode blu ray/dvd, included new versions of episodes 10-12. The 10th episode difference are:

  • rearranged scenes: Bronze Dragon & Black King talk scenes is put after the Mills & Saint-Germi scenes; Anastasia & Joan of Arc scene are put before Dwarfs eating scenes.
  • inclusion of the Opening theme & animation
  • some of the scenes featured redrawn faces (example: Oda's face while speaking with eating Toyohisa; Toyohisa speaking with the dwarfs while they are showing him their axe skills; Saint-Germi, Olminu, Oda, Toyohisa scenes at the end of the episode & more) and changes in the shadows on characters.
  • changes in the distance between objects & characters (example: Toyohisa meeting Saint-Germi at the end of the episode, features characters closer to each other)
  • additional scenes included in: between Mills & Saint-Germi at the end of their talk; Oda speaking with eating Toyohisa; Oda speaking with the dwarfs as they demand more food; between Olminu & Saint-Germi.


The name of the episode is based on the song by Christopher Tin for the game Civilization IV.