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Fight Song is the 1st episode of Drifters TV anime series.


In the aftermath of the Battle of Sekigahara, warrior Shimazu Toyohisa is suddenly thrust into a mysterious world where he is shocked to encounter the supposedly Oda Nobunaga and the historical figure Nasu Suketaka Yoichi.


October 21, 1600, Battle of Sekigahara, Shimazu Toyohisa joins the battle and kills some soldiers. Fukushima Masanori fights the Shimazu army, but is unable to withstand their fierce attack. The assistance of Ii Naomasa, General of the Eastern Army, is requested and he agrees. Toyohisa makes his last stand, telling Shimazu Yoshihiro, the Western Army General, to return to Satsuma. As Naomasa army approaches, they engage them, trying to buy as much time as possible for Yoshihiro to escape. Toyohisa charges forward, slaying as many as he can and faces Naomasa, but it pierced by multiple spears from Naomasa's men. Toyohisa then pulls out a gun and shoots Naomasa, making him fall from his horse. His troops then take him and decide to withdraw. Seeing that Toyohisa starts yelling for Naomasa to leave his head.

Toyohisa with heavy injuries starts heading to Satsuma, but soon is suddenly transported to a long corridor with multiple doors and a man sitting on a desk and is reading Toyohisa's file. Toyohisa starts to wonder where he is and who the man is, but the man writes something on his file and Toyohisa is sucked into one of the doors. Toyohisa then wakes up in a different world where two elves Mark and Marsha finds him. They realizes he is a "Drifter" and decide to take him to the abandoned castle.

Getting closer to the castle, another Drifter, Nasu Suketaka Yoichi tells them to stop and if they move, he will kill them. Mark and Marsha explain that Toyohisa is also a drifter and that he is dying. Realizing that Toyohisa is a drifter, Yoichi tells the elves to leave him and leave. Oda Nobunaga from the ruins asks Yoichi what is going and and Yoichi explains that Toyohisa is likely from Japan and is injured. They decide to tend to his wounds and see if he will survive.

Toyohisa later wakes up and as he sees Nobunaga, he draws his sword and asks who he is, while Nobugana also asks him who he is and from what time. Toyohisa then notices the Mokkou Crest and wonders if Nobugana is from the Oda clan, but Nobunaga states he is Oda Nobunaga himself. Toyohisa states that Nobunaga is long dead and is about to attack him, but Yoichi comes and stops them, and then gives Nobunaga and Toyohisa ducks and tells them to pluck the feathers.

Toyohisa says that Nobunaga is dead for over 18 years and Nobunaga is surprised as since the assault of Honnouji and his transfer in this world, its been only six months. Yoichi starts to laugh at them for arguing for a few years and reveals he is Nasu Suketaka Yoichi, making Toyohisa yell that he is lying as Yoichi is from 400 years ago from the Genpei War. They asks Toyohisa who is he and he explains he is from Shimazu clan, making Nobunaga and Yoichi wonder who that clan was and remembering its a small provincial clan from Kyuushuu. Nobunaga and Yoichi explain that before their supposed deaths, they ended up in a strange stone passage with multiple doors and a man sitting in front of them. Hearing that, Toyohisa states that he also met him while leaving Sekigahara. Hearing about Sekigahara being a battle between Tokugawa and Ishida forces, making Nobunaga starts wondering what happened. Toyohisa starts to explain making Nobunaga confused of how things could end this way. Nobunaga then learns about the death of his son and becomes sad. Yoichi comments that he was also surprised to learn that Minamoto clan was overthrown and Kamakura Shogunate destroyed.

Outside Olminu observes them and informs Abe no Haruakira that there are three drifters while Abe no Haruakira tells Olminu that they have to be dealt with meaning the ends as there army storm to carneades.



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