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Ends (エンズ, Enzu), also known as Offscourings (廃棄物, Haiki-mono) in some fan translations, are a race of reincarnates in Drifters.



Like Drifters, Ends tend to be important figures from various periods of the Earth's timeline, and have been taken to the world where the plot of Drifters takes place. Unlike Drifters however, the trauma from the events of their history has twisted them, turning the Ends into hateful, destructive entities whose very humanity can be questioned. One who stands out the most among the Ends is the Black King, whose true identity is a complete mystery.

Ends also differ from Drifters in that they have supernatural abilities. These abilities largely appear to be related to how they died or the events leading up to their demise. Joan of Arc's pyrokinesis and Rasputin's ability to control others are rather straightforward examples.

Known Ends[]


  • The Ends logo, the eye, is similar to Kouta Hirano's original logo; which is an eye that looks quite similar to the Eye of Providence used by the Illumanti. In addition, the Valentine Brothers, two minor villains in Hellsing, had a similar logo.