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Dwarves are a race of demi-humans in Drifters.


Fifty years ago the dwarves were at war with the Orte Empire. Even after the surrender of their neighbors, the elves, they continued to fight. They were eventually defeated and made into slaves, working in the mines and factories for Orte's war machine. Forced into concentration camps, the Empire exploited the dwarves to the fullest, placing them in harsh and dangerous working environments. They received very little supplies to feed themselves and were on the verge of starvation.

After Toyohisa launched an assault on Gadolka, he freed the dwarves who welcomed liberation. They were allowed to feast on the military provisions that were denied to them, reinvigorating them with strength. After Oda showed them an example of an arquebus, the dwarves were able to replicate it and began a semi-production of firearms.


Dwarves army


Dwarves are short and stout in stature but possess great strength despite their appearance.

Most, if not all, male dwarves have beards, which makes some people mistake young dwarves being older than they actually are.

Known Dwarves[]