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Drifters are a group of historically famous figures from various periods of the Earth's timeline.


It is unknown when the Drifters first appeared in the magical world. However, the earliest known Drifters were Oda Nobuhide and Shimazu Iehisa (Nobunaga and Toyohisa's respective fathers) who appeared around four to five hundred yearsago, where the ruined castle complex once stood, and a great battle took place.

Fifty years before the current storyline, Adolf Hitler appeared and founded the Orte Empire with the help of a fellow Drifter, Saint-Germi.


Drifters are comprised of famous warriors, military leaders, and occultists from Earth's different timeline. Interestingly, the nature of bringing them to the magical world by Murasaki coincide with their timely death (with their remains never buried or found) or their mysterious disappearances in Earth’s recorded history.

A common trait they share with the Ends is that whenever either are near the other, they are able to sense each other as Oda, Toyohisa, and Nasu were able to sense the approach of Joan of Arc and her forces.

Unlike the Ends, who shared a common goal of destroying the human race, Drifters acted according to their respective ideals and goals. Because of that, some of them managed to influence the civilizations in the magical world.

  • Adolf Hitler founded the Orte Empire through his Nazi principles. He began a military expansion and created brutal discriminatory laws against all non-human species, making the Orte Empire the militaristic superpower of its time.
  • Saint-Germi supported Adolf Hitler in his founding of the Orte Empire. After 50 years of decline due to the endless wars, Saint-Germi allied himself with other Drifters led by Toyohisa to take over the empire and supported their multi-racial government and to combat the Ends.
  • Abe no Seimei founded the Octobrist, an anti-Ends society of magicians, whose duty is to gather and protect other Drifters.
  • Naoshi Kanno ruled over the Dog and Cat Tribes and is worshipped as a sky god because of his fighter plane.
  • Tamon Yamaguchi became a Special Guest of the United Merchant Guild's Gu-binnen. He helped them defeat the Orte Empire and achieved naval supremacy using his military knowledge and skills.
  • Oda Nobunaga, Nasu Suketaka Yoichi, and Shimazu Toyohisa led a demi-human uprising and took control over the Orte Empire.

Known Drifters[]