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FIGHT SONG is the first chapter of Drifters series created by Kouta Hirano.


Within the battle of Sekigahara, a samurai makes his last stand as his commander orders him to retreat; he however, ignores his orders and continues on fighting. After being critically injured, the samurai sees his enemies retreat. Making his way back home as he bleeds profusely, he then suddenly found himself in a long hallway full of doors.


Nearing the end of the massive battle of Sekigahara, a certain samurai of the Shimazu Clan smiles as he stands infront of the enemies. Calling out his name, the leader fails to convince the samurai, Shimazu Toyohisa, to retreat. Toyohisa responds back to his uncle, Shimazu Yoshihiro, by telling him to retreat instead, and leave this mess to him. His uncle responds back by stating that Toyohisa will go back to Satsuma as well, but despite his uncle's pleading, Toyohisa remains stubborn, but he says that he would love to go back to Satsuma, and if he'd die; he'd rather die in Satsuma, but, Toyohisa states that the Shimazu will have won this battle after they reach Satsuma. As Toyohisa smiles, his soldiers begins to take aim and line up. Finally, his uncle reluctantly lets Toyohisa do his thing.

As the forces of Ii Naomasa gets closer and closer to Toyohisa's, Naomasa stated that "to let them go back to Satsuma alive will be a shame to the Ii Branch of the Tokugawa." Toyohisa's uncle says that he'll be waiting for him. Smiling, Toyohisa states that he's a good uncle, and that he's very happy to have an uncle like him. Once Naomasa's men got close, Toyohisa's soldier fires and killed some of them; but that's just a distracted. Suddenly, Toyohisa leaps and jumps out of the smoke caused by the gunfire, rushing to Naomasa directly as he kills anyone who stands in his way.

Complementing Toyohisa, Naomasa angrily says that he salutes him as Toyohisa cuts off the head of the final member of Naomasa's men who stood in his way. Finally, standing a few feet away from Naomasa, Naomasa tells Toyohisa that he's dead, as his soldiers had already been wiped out just moments ago. "Give me your head," Ii Naomasa says, to which, Toyohisa responds back by saying that he won't have his head; instead, he will have his after telling him to shut up and calling him a senile idiot. Naomasa starts dueling with Toyohisa as he calls him a full, as Naomasa's surviving men watches from behind. Rushing to defend their lord, Naomasa's men immediately makes a shield with their spears before something bad could happen.

Much to their surprise and shock, Toyohisa's response was to leap into the spears directly. Of course, Toyohisa was immediately impaled soon after, and was hold onto the air for a brief moment. Calling Toyohisa an idiot, Toyohisa instead responds back by smiling and then says that Naomasa is the idiot as he pulls out a Tanegashima from his waist. Pointing at Naomasa, he pulls the trigger and it hits Naomasa's chest as Naomasa falls from his horse. He smiles and in joy, says that he did it; shortly before he was dropped to the floor by Naomasa's men who quickly retreated after seeing their lord get critically injured. Then, Naomasa's men goes back to their base, leaving Toyohisa alone, which Toyohisa moments before tells them to wait.

As Toyohisa wanders around the forest in the night, trying to get back to Satsuma while bleeding profusely from his wounds. It was raining. Toyohisa then takes a moment to breath by resting on a tree, then as he looks down and once he looks up, he was shocked to see a clean, white floor and roof. Trying to comprehend what's happening, Toyohisa then sees a man sitting comfortably.

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