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Banjermashin Shylock VIII (バンゼルマシン・シャイロック8世, Banzerumashin Shairokku Ha-sei?) is a nobleman from Gu-Binnen, a merchant guild.


Banjermashin has long silver hair and green eyes. He wears a long white tunic with a white turban.


Banjermashin has an assertive personality. He seems to be permanently happy and smiling but he's also ambitious.


He appears with Naizel Brigante when they are on a reunion with Tamon Yamaguchi, congratulating him for having destroyed an entire Orte navy putting the entire sea under dominance of Gu-Binnen. Shylock asks Tamon if he would give the Hiryu to them and as a reward, he would have a luxurious room but Tamon refuses. Although Shylock really wanted the Hiryu, he does not make any attempt to steal it because he does not want to anger Tamon. Shylock appears on a negotiations trip to Orte, surprising Saint-Germi who was expecting Naizel Brigante.


Naizel Brigante[]

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Naizel is his second-in-command and right hand man. Naizel works as an advisor to Shylock.

Tamon Yamaguchi[]

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After Tamon helps Gu-Binnen as a dominant sea power, Shylock treats him very well, even offering him the most luxurious places in Gu-Binnen. But in truth, Shylock wanted the Hiryu but does not make any attempt to steal it.


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They have both known each other for a long time. Although both countries are at war, they have made a ceasefire agreement to fight against the Ends.



It's said that the magicians from the continent are creating it. Others say it's more like "degenerated, smelling bean mush or something", but...
"Our Ocean" Huh? Not bad... Gu-Binnen's long standing desire came true. To make tendencies clear with this rate of speed, came just from lord Tamon's leadership. The mobility of our navy is immense.
Some more meekness, please.
We are strong at sea.. but on land... we are a hodgepodge of parties after all... we don't have the manpower to pierce Orte's capital. We couldn't maintain Orte, even if we snatched it, and apart from that..
In the current state, now that we control all the oversea trade, we'll send for a peace treaty with Orte. If Orte doesn't accept it... well, Orte has no other choice than to accept.. if right after that Orte continues its usual fights with other countries as it ever does.. well, that'll be fine. We'll sell both Orte and its foe our wares. Orte will be our valued client until the very moment it'll collapse.
Regarding your return to the iron ship wreckage. Don't you gradually want to live over here? We'll prepare you a house! We've got a great man for such things.
He keeps his military cap on till the very end. He still doesn't trust us.
No. I don't want to enrage this admiral.
We like things uncomplicated quick and simple. That's our company credo. So let's have a quick negotiation, alright? Wow, it's been such a long time Saint-Germi.
If you hurt me even just a tiny bit, everything would be all over. We'd let everyone in Orte starve to death.
Now now, don't say such a thing.. didn't you want to surrender?
I guess this won't go easy. The fights were started by you in the first place. And then we gained one overwhelming victory after another.
Same on my site, Saint-Germi.
Nice, but.. I don't get how you can talk with such impudence.
Hrm.. Well Well, but.. we still rule it, don't we Saint-Germi?
Even if the world was to be torn down, trade would still continue. So why should you consider to make "our Orte strong"?
You're right, a weapon from the world of the drifters. It appears that the drifters who ended up in Orte brought them with them. Didn't you bring up the thought that we too came to the point of reproduction and manufacturing. So that there is no lack in rifles even without letting you mediate them to us, Saint-Germi?
The negotiations have reached an accomplishment then and I'll agree to it. We'll provide food and capital and we'll set up a precise interest rate. The black king will turn up. Until then, we feel sincerely obliged towards the weakened Orte. Doesn't that sound well, Count Saint-Germi?
You are certainly implying some interesting things. The same can be said about us. We, too, think that being mere support is just boring. So, why don't we make a deal? Orte has those elves, hasn't it? They´re a truly beautiful half-human species.
Among the rich people of Gu-Binnen, there are many who like elves. That's what I mean.
Young elf girls in sweet uniforms could sing and dance in theaters. The young folks that enter those places would buy all the related products excessively. Renting them out for elf-handshake events appears to be a profitable market, too.


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