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Aram (アラム, Aramu) is a Knight from the Orte Empire.


Aram is a Knight of the Orte empire, on patrol in the area of the Elven Village as the local enforcer of Orte's unfair, discriminating laws regarding demi-humans they've conquered. He and his men overhear that the Elves had both ventured into the forest, and made contact with Drifters, both considered to be serious violations of Orte's laws. They march on the village, rounding up the Elves in the center of town. Aram then begins to slaughter the Elves, personally running the village elder through with his sword while his men kill off several more in cold blood. Intending to kill half of the Elves for their disobedience, he tells Shara, the elder's son that he will live, he has a future as a pathetic serf for the Empire.

Things change when the Drifters suddenly attack the village. Nobunaga set fire to the fields, making Aram stop the killing as he became concerned that he'd lose the tax money from the harvest. Suddenly Toyohisa charges in and begins slaughtering Aram's men, counting aloud as he beheads them until confronting the Knight. Angered by Aram's heartless slaughter of the villagers, Toyohisa shouts at Aram to leave his life there, he didn't want the head of such a despicable person. Aram however does not understand Toyohisa's language, mocking the Samurai as a "barbarian who can't even speak" before readying his sword for battle. Shara tries to warn Toyohisa about Aram being much more skilled than the normal soldiers but it didn't matter. Toyohisa couldn't understand the Elf anyway due to the language barrier, and he took Aram down in one move.

Tohohisa easily runs up to Aram and puts him in a headlock, disarming and taking the Knight down to the ground with little effort. The Samurai then proceeds to mercilessly beat down Aram with the sheath of his sword, smashing it into the helpless Knight's face again and again as the Elven Villagers watch in horrified awe at the bloody beat-down. Toyohisa then leaves the brutalized knight on the ground, still alive, and goes to the villagers. He tells the villagers to take their revenge, giving his sword to one of the elves as the rest pick up various weapons and farming tools and finally finish off Aram as he begs for mercy that he will not be given.


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