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Homo Canis

Anthropomorphic dogs, also called dogs man, are a demi-humans race in Drifters.


They are humanoids, with some canine characteristics like fur on skin, tail, ears, whiskers and the nose. They also wears humans clothes like vests, gloves, bandanas and pants.


They first appearance was when Naoshi Kanno's plane has landed on they territory, to which they first action would be attack him, but Kanno also had the same ideia. After they first encounter, Kanno has manager to subjugated the dogs mans, who sees Kanno as "Sky God", does whatever Kanno wanted, even they are so scary of him. After the addition of Scipio on the team, they defeats the Orte's army, thanks to the tactics of Scipio and the war cry of Kanno, after the battle they slaughter them all. On the reunion, the dogs has reach into a agreement on the alliance with the cats man, however, deteriorated after the cats does not accept the sky god as they leader to which the dogs became offended. When Kanno made the cats subjugate, the dogs think it was the god miracle.