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Cat Tribe

Anthropomorphic cats, also know as cats man, are a demi-humans race in Drifters.


They are humanoids, with some feline characteristics like fur on skin, tail, ears, whiskers and the nose. They also wears humans clothes like vests, gloves, bandanas and pants.


They appears along side woth anthropomorphic dogs to united force against Orte Empire. However the cats does not accept having the "Sky God" as they leader, which irritated the dogs, but the cats insisted by even mocking they god for begin lazy and unorganized, which make him not a good leader. When the cats stop complain, they receive a strong step from the god, which make every cats be scary, when he point his finger in the cat leader nose, he start to pet the cat leader which makes him tender and rolling in the floor. The cats became scary of how they leader became a idiot, some even think it was magic, the god then take a feather stick and start pointing at they which make all cats be subjugate to which the dogs think it was a miracle perfomed by they god.