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Adolf Hitler (アドルフ・ヒトラー, Adorufu Hitorā) was a Drifter who founded the Orte Empire some sixty years before the current storyline.


Sixty years ago Adolf Hitler appeared in the Orte Kingdom, it is not immediately revealed until later that he was in fact sent as a Drifter. At the time, the humans of Orte were in dire straits, starving in the streets, disorganized, and in a country whose government wouldn't help its people. In order to strengthen the people and take control, Hitler gave charismatic speeches that invoked national pride and feelings of human superiority. He gained an army of followers that stormed the capital of Verlina and ousted the previous government, (with the help of Count Saint-Germi's betrayal) establishing the new Empire of Orte and installing himself as leader. Also, even though he was sent as a Drifter, Adolf Hitler did not apparently do anything to fight against the Ends, instead focusing on building another empire after his failure in the real world.

Becoming known as "The Father of Orte", Hitler established a widespread Empire with heavy national pride and a policy of human superiority over other races, such as elves, dwarves, and Hobbits. The Empire's quality of life improved vastly over the decades as their army conquered more and more neighboring territories, subjugating the Elves into being their serfs and providing the Empire's food, and enslaving the Dwarves into providing weapons and armor in concentration-style forced-labor camps. The country soon became locked in a near-constant war for territory and spread rapidly across neighboring lands. This pattern of conquest and racist discrimination practically mirrors his rise to power and the rule of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 in the real world. What is surprising is how quickly he adapted from being racist towards different human ethnic groups to just uniting all humans in his territory against all non-humans and demi-humans.

However, not long after making Orte into a functional and successful Empire, Hitler abruptly commits suicide according to the history of the Empire that Olminu tells Nobunaga. The reasoning and exact circumstances of his death are as of yet unknown.

Since his death, Orte's wars for territory are beginning to lose on all fronts. The demi-humans are rising up in revolt within the country, and the Ends and the Drifters are both conspiring to make the Empire theirs.


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